Online teaching is not something that is restricted to higher studies. Today many young children are also in to online learning and teachers, schools and other institutions also find it extremely useful and friendly. However, teaching online requires the right tools. While there are many such tools available in the market today, we need to have a better understanding as to how web 2.0 tools for students could be useful both for teachers and for students. We will try and have a look at the finer points of using this tool for our students and other learners.

What Is This Technology All About

Put in simple words, these web 2.0 tools for students are slightly improved versions of the first version of world wide web. They come with some characteristic features. The change is from a static content to user-generated content. This also perhaps defines to the growth of social media. It is about making the web application rich and having an architecture that is web oriented and something that is more in tune with today’s world of social web. It takes into account the way in which web pages are designed and then used by one and all including students. All these can be done without subject the entire thing to too much of changes in technical specifications. Hence it would not be wrong to mention that these web 2.0 tools are taking into account the changing needs and requirements of modern day communication using the web.

A Few Examples Of Web 2.0 Applications

Though we may not be aware we could be using web 2.0 tools almost on a daily basis. Students must therefore have the right knowledge and information so that they are able to understand how and where these tools are being used by students on a regular basis. Without this knowledge they would be literally swimming in the dark, using the tools but knowing that they are doing so. We will try and have a look at some of the most common examples of web 2.0 tools for the knowledge of our readers.

  • ACMI Generator – This is considered very useful for older students. It could come in handy for creating a storyboard or creating storytelling using digital techniques.
  • 19 Pencils – This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to manage, share and even discover educational content on a web based platform. Teachers find it useful for creating websites, tracking of students, creating quizzes and much more.
  • Animoto – If you wish to create some of the best images, videos, music and other such presentations Animoto is often considered to be one of the choices.
  • Dropbox – This is often considered to be one of the best web 2.0 tools for sharing documents on different types of electronic devices.

Additionally, if you look around you might come across millions of people using Google Adsense. This is used or promoting websites and is considered as a useful tool for promoting websites and for efficient digital marketing. Here it is quite obvious that web 2.0 tools are used.

As youngsters on the lookout for web tools for students, many of us would have used Torrent. This is used for downloading pictures, videos and various other audio visual sources of information and entertainment.

Reliable Sources Of Information

Youngsters and elders alike have a special liking for Wikipedia because it is often considered to be one of the biggest sources of information covering almost everything related to sports, politics, general knowledge, nations, cultures and so on. Hence it is not very surprising that it is used as one of the best tools for students from the information perspective. Wikipedia is one such sources of information which makes use of web 2.0 for posting information, updating it and editing the contents and as when required.

What Are The Advantages Of Web 2.0 Tools For Students?

While the above gives some basic idea about some uses of web 2.0 tools, we need to look at the advantages/benefits it offers to the end users. The list of such benefits is quite big and it may not be possible to list down each and every one of them. However, we will try and discuss a few of them for the benefit of our readers and information seekers.

  • These tools are extremely important for those who believe in using educational technology for learning and other knowledge gathering exercises. 
  • Ease of usage is one of the biggest advantages of these tools. Children like dragging and dropping and it brings a sense of interest and excitement in their learning activities.
  • It also is without any doubt a great tool for teachers who are keen on making teaching interesting, engaging and something which will make students enjoy learning rather than detesting it.
  • These tools are considered to be one of the best options for real-time engage teachers and students.
  • Finally, online learning has taken a new step forward and has been given a paradigm shift because of these web tools.



The Final Word

In fine there is no doubt that there are many reasons as to why these web-based tools have arrived a bit late. But the future looks extremely interesting and exciting and full of potentialities because of the inbuilt advantages in it.